generate new insights with Systemic constellations

Systemic Constellations

What is Systemic Work?

Systemic working assumes that everyone is influenced by the systems of which he or she is a part. Your own family is such a system, but also the organization in which you work, an association, a team or your social environment. What happens in such a system and the place you occupy in it determine (often unconsciously) what you do and why.

Working systemically is a way to gain insight into your own place in a system, any system, and your relationship with the others in that system. It teaches you where obstacles are and why you keep falling into certain behavior that hinders your development and growth. Working systemically can lead to acceptance, but also offers a key to solutions.

What goes on in the system cannot be imagined.

Every imaginable theme, question, problem or desire can be formulated. Especially those that continue to impose themselves.

When you do a constellation, you place representatives (the other participants) in the room, based on feeling. It is fascinating to notice that the representatives in the constellation gain access to the feelings and mutual relationships of those they represent. The setup makes visible (behavioral) patterns that occur in the system. What goes on in the system cannot be imagined. The energy of that moment determines what happens next.

Gain deep insights into unconscious patterns.

The setups are suitable for everyone, you don’t need to have any experience with this way of working. Constellations affect the system of yourself and your family system, but also on the spectators and representatives. As a spectator/representative you learn an incredible amount and you can gain insight into your own themes! Or if you are simply interested in a constellation, you are always welcome.


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