Orselle presents the live seminar: your next chapter 2022 in Barcelona!

Make 2022 The Year You Reach Your Goals

Make 2022 The Year You Reach Your Goals

In this 3-hour Workshop You'll discover:


VISION: Get Clarity on Your 5-10 Year Vision


OBSTACLES: Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Discover how great the influence is you have on your own life!

This is the perfect opportunity to look back on 2021 and look ahead to 2022. During this seminar you will be given a workbook that we will use throughout the day to formulate new goals and plans, but most importantly, during this seminar we will look at where you are right now and where you eventually want to go. During this event you will discover, among other things, which area in your life needs more attention. We do this through exercises and from the workbook. In addition, you get beautiful NLP exercises, where you can keep the momentum and achieve your goals.

This Day Can Give Your Life Direction In Different Parts


You discover your inner motivations and free yourself to go for what you really want and need.

Dealing with the past

You will release pain from negative past events and give them new meaning so that you can fully enjoy the here and now.

Negative thoughts

You will learn the number #1 secret that will help you deal with negative thoughts from this day forward.

Create your own future

You will turn your dreams and desires into reality and use the power of the subconscious mind to create your own desired future.


By positively influencing your own thoughts and emotions, you radiate more happiness and joy to your environment.

Self confidence

During this day you will get a self-confidence boost, so that you are able to take the step you desire.

Live seminar in Barcelona, ​​will I see you there?

General information

Carrer de Vilamarí 106, Barcelona

The Inner Child Event will take place on December 19th, 2021. The event starts at 11.00 and ends at approximately 14.00.

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Your Next Chapter 2022


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About Orselle

The reason I put this photo of me on this page is the tattoo “I Am Free”. By investing in my mindset I experience freedom every second of the day. Freedom from the opinions of others, freedom from negative thoughts and freedom from things outside my control. I wish for everyone to experience this freedom.
My name is Orselle. I have made it my passion to study all aspects of psychology. I’ve been to many seminars from the best coaches around the world.

As an NLP Master I am fascinated by mindset. How you think, what meanings you give to situations and especially how you deal with them. I help people break through their limiting thinking patterns. I also offer new insights to achieve targeted results. I like helping and guiding people through this proces.


Orselle Hendriksen – NLP Master

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Frequently asked questions

The Your Next Chapter Event is a life-changing live event with Orselle Hendriksen. During this day you will be the subject and you will start recognizing your hindering patterns. Then you learn how to break it. You will get clear information on how to create an even better connection with yourself and your environment.

The Inner Child Event will take place on December 19th, 2021. The event starts at 11.00 and ends at approximately 14.00. It is an intensive program. The location is: Carrer de Vilamarí 106, Barcelona.

You can bring your own drinks but Water, Tea and coffee is provided throughout the day.

During this day, a protein bar is handy to take with you. It is useful to bring a notebook and pen if you like to take notes.

For everyone who allows themselves a real positive change, wants to gain new insights, dares to step out of their comfort zone to meet their dream life, wants to turn self-criticism into appreciation and is ready for more peace of mind.

You will gain new insights that will positively change your life. You will start to think differently and how you can organize your life more the way you want. You gain clarity in your limiting patterns and how to break them. After this event, many people make important choices that change their lives forever (in a positive sense). My motto:
Change the meaning and create freedom.
How you want to give substance to this is up to you, but I give you all the tools and insights how you can achieve this.

Join the journey to the new you